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5.0 Google

Review from Sara L.

Source: Google | Oct 27, 2022

Wellhaus/Leah is awesome. Very clear, easy to understand program that I found easy to incorporate into a hectic life. I was super pleased with the results I saw in 6 weeks, even amongst weekly weddings/events/travel. Its also great that she gives you a shopping list with brand names that are easy to get and taste great. Never felt like I was on a diet and never felt like i had to limit my enjoyment/schedule to meet my goals which was awesome.
5.0 Google

Review from Jim S.

Source: Google | Jun 15, 2022

Working with Leah has been a transformative life event for me. Her knowledge of food, ingredients and her passion for developing healthy eating habits is outstanding. After a few weeks of working with Leah, it has raised my awareness of the type and quality of food I am eating and my energy level and my body feel so much better!! I highly recommend working with Leah!!
5.0 Google

Review from Chelsea D

Source: Google | May 3, 2022

Before wellhaus my whole life was a discretionary. According to wellhaus, a discretionary is defined as a food that does not fit into any nutritional value category and leaves you feeling bloated, tired, and full of empty calories. The past 6 weeks with wellhaus have completely changed my life and I am now extremely mindful about every meal. I still have a long way to go and let myself enjoy a few too many discretionary meals per week, but try to make up for it whenever possible without being burdened by guilt. The days of total mindless eating and drinking are in the past. I have more sustained energy, my mood has improved, my sleep is a solid 8 hours instead of a restless 6 hours, and the cravings/need to eat constantly have stopped because every meal is a hearty and nutritious one. It’s really sad how few true healthy and affordable options are out there in the world, and wellhaus has taught me that you have to put in a thoughtful and conscious effort to change your life but it’s the best decision you will ever make for your present and future self.
5.0 Google

Review from Riley R

Source: Google | Apr 29, 2022

I found Wellhaus through my doctors office and was able to set up a free consult which was great to see what the program was all about. I did it for 6 weeks in which one of those weeks Leah takes time to look at typical habits in a week to crest the best plan for the remaining weeks. Each week we had a check in to discuss how you felt you did. A plethora of resources are given so you can leave with more confidence and things to always look back on. I cannot say I lost the amount of weight I had a goal of but this set me up for a fresh lifestyle which means a healthy lifestyle!
5.0 Google

Review from Aimee M

Source: Google | Apr 28, 2022

I was referred to Leah Silberman of Wellhaus by my doctor to see if I could shift things in my diet to help lower my cholesterol which has always been on the higher side. Leah was great for this because she is not here to give you a fad diet to help you lose weight that you will then gain back after a few months. Since she is also a dietician she really helps you shift your overall thinking about everything you put into your body and how for me who has high cholesterol understand the ways to help lower it with my food intake. I did the 10 week program with Leah and in the beginning I really thought that I wasn't eating that 'poorly.' Well I was. Over the 10 weeks I have lost weight, slept better and longer each night and really started incorporating healthier food options for myself. I've started not to miss the foods that I needed to cut out and feel better after each meal now! And when I do try things like sweets/french fries and things like that I notice a difference in my body immediately. Leah really took the time to listen to what my goals were/are and then come up with a game plan specifically for me. She held me accountable each week with a food diary and never in a judgemental way, she is really wonderful in helping to steer someone in the right way. The past two years have made me double down in paying serious attention to being as healthy as I can be, knowing when I need the help to get there and investing in myself. I would HIGHLY recommend Leah and Wellhaus to anyone wanting to make positive changes in their life, the program was worth every penny for me.
5.0 Google

Review from Blaire G.

Source: Google | Feb 28, 2022

Just finished my 6 week course with Wellhaus and not only did I lose weight but I learned so much. Leah really gives you that one on one experience you need. I feel I have new way of enjoying and understanding what I put into my body. It has changed my eating habits for the best and I truly see a different in how I feel on a day to day basis. I highly recommend Wellhaus to anyone looking for a healthy lifestyle to use for long term goals.
5.0 Google

Review from Morgan B

Source: Google | Jan 28, 2022

I have had the best experience so far with Leah! I signed up for the 3 week program which was perfect to kick start and help me learn better foods, vitamins and nutrients to put in my body. Leah is very thorough responsive and knowledgeable. She offered an extensive list of brands, food companies, types of foods etc. for me to reference with endless recommendations on portions and best practices which was so helpful, as well as a personalized "day of meals" example based on foods I already loved to eat. I highly recommend her!
5.0 Google

Review from Nicole S

Source: Google | Jan 7, 2022

I have been working with Leah for almost two years now and this review is long overdue! Over the past couple of years, I worked with her for three distinct reasons and she has delivered above and beyond in each case. I first reached out to Leah after my wedding. I had put myself on a self prescribed "wedding diet" that was very restrictive and all wrong. Simply put, I wasn't eating enough and had developed a very negative relationship with food and needed help to shift that mentality to a more positive place. The second time I worked with Leah was January of 2021. I needed to revisit my healthy eating patterns because I had put on some extra COVID weight because I was using food as a coping mechanism for stress and anxiety. I lost the excess weight in 3-4 weeks by just focusing on eating healthy whole foods without restriction. The accountability she provided was a huge motivating factor for me to change my habits. Fast forward to October 2021 and I needed her help again...but this time for a COMPLETELY different reason. I had recently come back from a trip to Africa and I was having a major health scare. I had caught a stomach bug while abroad and I knew something was off from the second I arrived home. I was sick to my stomach constantly and dropping weight fast. Traditional medicine was not helping me get answers and after many doctors appointments so I turned to Leah to help heal my gut with food and supplements. Within the first week of following her customized plan, I was feeling so much better and finally retaining the nutrients that I desperately needed. Leah is an incredible dietician and really cares about her clients well-being and goals. I hope that my experience with her demonstrates how well rounded she is in the field and how she is equipped to treat many nutrition goals (beyond traditional weight loss). I am looking forward to working with her again in the near future with pre/postnatal nutrition coaching when the timing is right!
5.0 Google

Review from Kasia K

Source: Google | Jan 7, 2022

I had been struggling with losing weight for over a year when I found Leah. Nothing I was doing was working - I was in a cycle of dieting, and giving up, and was not getting any results. My perception of what was healthy was seriously lacking, and I knew I needed help with learning what good nutrition really was. I worked with Leah who taught me about how eating a balanced, whole foods based diet, was the real way to feeling good. The educational component and weekly accountability was invaluable, and truly set me up for success. I can truly say that Leah has changed my life and I cannot recommend her enough!
5.0 Google

Review from Kasey L

Source: Google | Dec 1, 2021

I can not recommend Leah enough!!! I came to her after having some issues with my stomach, and she helped me alter my eating habits that will last long after finishing working with her on a weekly basis. I loved that her plan and recommendations were specific to me and full of real foods that always kept me satisfied. I started feeling so much better after just a few sessions with her and on top of everything, she was so amazing to talk to and work with!
5.0 Google

Review from Donna R

Source: Google | Jul 28, 2021

First off let me start by saying that Leah is a fantastic nutritionist and coach. Long post alert: She knows her stuff!! My way of eating was horrible 😔!! I was at my wits end and did not know what to do and finally in May I went online and started my research, and guess who I found and loved what I was reading about her, yes, Leah!! You see I have an eye condition that required me to lose weight so I needed help. Called Leah, set up appointments and off we went. Started in June at 174 and now I am 160. It's not easy unlearning bad eating habits but for your health you have to. I have learned so much from Leah, the best foods, the best brands etc. She's very knowledgeable about foods and it's function. She's also patient and kind. She explains it all to you in detail. I am feeling much better in my body and will continue to be on my journey of good health. Ps. Went to eye doctor yesterday and my inner eye nerve swelling went down from a 5 to a 2. Major victory. Thank you Leah
5.0 Google

Review from Melba A

Source: Google | May 24, 2021

Before working with Leah, I was in a really bad place mentally and my thoughts and feelings around food were generally (and overwhelmingly) negative. Overall, I think I just had a really bad attitude, because I've struggled with healthy eating my entire life and, although I knew it was ultimately up to me to fix it, I was totally lost when it came to how. I had seen a Nutritionist a few years back, but during our first session, that Nutritionist had put me on a 1200-cal-a-day diet (just so you get a sense: breakfast was 1 hardboiled egg). I was pretty discouraged and sort of gave up on seeking help from a RDN after that, until a friend of mine- who had prioritized her health right before COVID came to the US- mentioned that a huge part of her success had been working with Leah. I was intrigued, to say the least, and still hesitant, but something told me to book a consultation. After weeks of putting it off, I finally did, and my only wish is that I would have done it sooner. I've learned so much in the 10 weeks we've worked together (which is definitely the package I would recommend the most, at least if you're anything like me, the accountability has been absolutely life changing). For all of my adult life, I thought of "being healthy" as a really linear thing and whenever I would try to get on the healthy-eating train, I would fail miserably because in my mind, it was always all or nothing. Leah has taught me the importance of everything in moderation, including moderation. At this point, it feels like second-nature to make the healthier choices that I've learned to make since working with Leah, and I'm so grateful to have been able to find a Nutritionist who genuinely wants to see people do better. I've really enjoyed learning becoming somewhat of a label-detective and about the importance of the quality of foods you're consuming. If you're thinking of booking a consultation and are hesitant for whatever reason, like I was, this is your sign!! Book the consultation! You will not regret it!
5.0 Google

Review from Kristen B

Source: Google | May 10, 2021

Leah has completely changed my life and my health. I began seeing Leah around Thanksgiving time (6 months ago) and have lost 13 pounds since then, and just continue to gradually lose weight. I feel great, my skin looks better, I have more energy—it’s been nothing short of an amazing turnaround for me and the truth is, I did not think it was possible. She has changed the way I think about food, and it’s now so natural and easy. The footnote to this story is that none of this would have been possible if it wasn’t for Leah—and her positive energy. She never criticized me—it was just positive encouragement all along the way. 6 months later Leah, all I can say is thanks. And, I’m getting into that bikini for the first time in 8 years!
5.0 Google

Review from Maria S

Source: Google | Mar 30, 2021

I found Leah through GOOP and contacted her looking for help with my GERD issues (I could hardly have a meal without serious acid reflux). Over the course of 10 weeks, she changed my life!!!! She was very well versed on my issues and was quick to respond to my concerns. We came up with a plan together and she guided me every step of the way to my recovery. She is full of knowledge and I learned a lot! She went above and beyond all my expectations. Deal with confidence and tell your friends!
5.0 Google

Review from Samantha S

Source: Google | Mar 18, 2021

Leah is incredible - best decision you will ever make for yourself!!!!! pre-leah, I spent 10 years on and off fad diets, developing unhealthy and unsustainable habits... I've literally tried it all (you name it). within 2 months of working with her she's taught me the importance of food sourcing, consistency, proper education to a healthier & more sustainable lifestyle and so much more... I've lost 10 pounds so far (I legit started in January and haven't even finished my first package). she completely changed my relationship with food for the better and I'm eternally grateful for that.... I'm looking forward to finishing my package and working with her as I plan for my wedding & beyond!
5.0 Google

Review from Niamh

Source: Google | Feb 12, 2021

I loved working with Leah. She taught me so much about nutrition in the six weeks I worked with her and helped me develop a strong foundation for continued success. She developed a personal meal plan for me and provided details on her preferred brands which was extremely helpful. I really needed help with recalibrating my eating habits and that is exactly what I got with Leah. I will echo other reviews to say that she was extremely professional and helpful with answering all my questions in our weekly meetings. I highly recommend Leah!!
5.0 Google

Review from Diana R

Source: Google | Feb 3, 2021

Leah was extremely helpful and set me up for success. I informed her of the foods that I steer away from and she gave a meal plan that was easy for me to follow, as well as answered all of my questions throughout the process. I have a healthier relationship with food which had always been a struggle for me. I sought out Leah's services for about 9 weeks, ended in mid-November and I have been following her plan and recommendations ever since. I feel healthier and have lost about 15 pounds. I highly recommend Leah!
5.0 Google

Review from Nicole H

Source: Google | Jan 23, 2021

Leah is not only an extreme wealth of knowledge but she’s a kind, sweet person that you’ll be excited to chat with. Leah has helped me gain a deeper understanding of nutrient profiles and how to make smarter, more sustainable choices when grocery shopping. After six weeks of working together and using her method I’m able to pair foods that keep me satiated all day long. Leah is punctual, professional and always thorough. Can’t say enough great things about her and the Wellhaus family!
5.0 Google

Review from Jaclyn E

Source: Google | Jan 18, 2021

Leah is the absolute best! I can't express how lucky I am to be working with her. I first heard of Leah from a friend, and I quickly reached out to learn more about her and her business. As someone with a chronic illness, I had tried to find a nutritionist through my insurance company, and none compared to Leah. As soon as I started working with her in September, I knew I had made the right choice. Leah makes health accessible - you don't have to restrict yourself in order to see results. While weight loss is a huge aspect (I have lost 30lbs since starting with her), working with Leah has also changed so many parts of my life - my skin is much clearer, I have so much more energy, I am educated on what foods I should be eating and why, and just feel better overall. I couldn't recommend her more!
5.0 Google

Review from Jessica L

Source: Google | Jan 14, 2021

Leah is fantastic! I came to her via a recommendation from my PCP. As somebody who has struggled with my relationship with food, diet and nutrition, Leah immediately understood the acute need (to lose weight and lower cholesterol), but also the larger context of the need for education around nutrition to keep my body healthy and fueled while also achieving those goals. After just six weeks with her, I have learned so much about proper nutrition and how it is part of one's lifestyle. Not just about calories and deficits - it's about eating the right things to feel good, power your body and reach your goals. Loved my experience, and hope you do too!